Hallmarked ring with marble effect

Hallmarked silver rings with chiselled marble effect


These hallmarked silver rings with chiselled marble effect are one of my signature pieces. The design is centred around the hallmark which fully encircles the rings and the finish replicates the chipped edges of marble that has worn and softened in time. The surface has been given a slight satin finish to highlight the shiny ‘chiselled’ edges.

The rings measures 7mm and 14mm in width and a chunky 1.5mm in thickness. The hallmark gives away that the ring is made from sterling silver!…although I could create a similar piece in gold.

Why not go for a plain marble effect ring, also in sterling silver.

Very comfortable to wear and a great celebration of the hallmarking process which first began in 1300.

7mm ring  £85

14mm ring £105

With no hallmark £65


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