About me

  • Born

  • Received a beautiful hoard of silver jewellery for my christening with my favourite piece being this silver ingot pendant with full hallmark. Must have been a sign!silver ingot pendant wih full hallmark

  • Forever taking a secret peek in my mother and grandma’s jewellery boxes and trying on the clip-on earrings and beads. beads

  • Began years of collecting silver rings from my travels across the world including Cusco, Melbourne, Bruges, Buenos Aires, Paris and Isles of Scilly!

  • Started weekly jewellery course run by West Herts College. Here I learnt traditional jewellery making techniques and carried on enrolling for a further 7 years creating bold and contemporary pieces of jewellery.

  • My first commission was a silver kitten pendant with a yellow gold collar. I used a technique called reticulation – heating up the metal by torch to such a temperature that the silver begins to flow. You have to go with it…every time will give a different pattern.Silver kitten pendant

  • My first collection. Loving the reticulation method and the beauty of silver and gold together I made my first collection of pendants to be displayed in my Mum and Dad’s shop in Cornwall. The sense of achievement was enormous when people bought them.Jude's first jewellery collection

  • Contacted the Assay Office to register for my own maker’s mark for hallmarking. You can choose the design of your mark and it can include your initials. Unfortunately, I couldn’t use my full initials (JFK) as all stamp designs with these initials were taken but very happy with JK in my square. So happy in fact that I have based my logo on my mark.hallmark-grey

  • Began my Foundation certificate in Gemmology course with The Gemmological Association of Great Britain. The course focused on identifying gemstones, both real and artificial using specialised equipment. I passed in June 2016.Jude with certificate of gemmology

  • Fantastic opportunity to make my jewellery hobby my business and with much enjoyment set up my workshop, bought my tools and spread the word.Jude in her workshop
    Jude Karnon Jewellery was born!Jude Karnon Jewellery

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