Custom made chains for necklaces

The Chain. Sometimes the forgotten element in a necklace.

I am a passionate believer that the chain should complement the design it supports/carries/hold up but equally as important, should suit the wearer’s shape, neck line and décolletage.

I will make up a chain specific to your needs. Choose one of many designs and we can decide on the length and width that will suit you.

Customised chains

Do you need a new chain?

If the answer is yes to any of the following questions, then do get in touch.

Do you want a shiny new chain?

Have you been given a beautiful necklace but the chain isn’t quite right?

Are you frustrated that the chain twists?

Is the chain too thin or thick for the style of the pendant?

Do you need to replace an old or broken chain?

Is the chain too long or too short?

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