Jewellery care and repair

Silver, gold and brass

When left on a dressing table or on a window sill, the contact with air will mean metals will oxidise and tarnish, losing the shiny lustre. Keep jewellery enclosed in a pouch, box or wrap (I don’t recommend jewellery stands) and keep clean with a polishing cloth. To prevent scratching and discolouration store different metal jewellery separately.

Wearing rings

If you wear a number of rings on the same finger, make sure they are made of the same metal. As precious metals differ in hardness, a harder metal will damage the softer one. For example, a silver ring will slowly wear away if warn next to a platinum ring. Wearing different colour metals together could also discolour the jewellery.


Gemstones vary in durability due to their structural framework and are all susceptible to damage.  How we care and store our gemstones will contribute to their beauty and longevity.

Did you know that Emeralds and Tanzanites are incredibly brittle? Emeralds are cut in certain ways to lessen the chance of being chipped and Tanzanites should really only be worn as dress jewellery rather than every day. Tourmalines attract dust particles as they get warm, topaz can fade when left in light, opals can dehydrate and crack, pearls should avoid contact with perfumes and amber is so soft that the surface can easily abrase.

Please take off gemstone jewellery when you are near water! So put those jewels somewhere safe when you are showering, washing-up, washing hands, having a swim, in the hot tub or even hosing down the dog after it’s jumped into a stagnant pond! * Water can get into all the nooks and crannies of a piece of jewellery and over time loosen a stone from it’s setting.  Activities such as gardening, sport and sleeping can damage a piece of jewellery so try and remember to take off your precious jewellery.

*list not exhaustible!

I am a studying gemmologist and can advise you on how to care for your gemstones – please get in touch.


Even though diamonds are the hardest natural substance on the planet please don’t believe they are entirely free from damage. If knocked in a certain direction a diamond can actually fracture.

Cleaning service

I always clean gemstone jewellery with a small amount of washing up liquid and a baby toothbrush (the softer the bristles the better) and gently brush the gemstone and setting. Never do this directly over a sink!

If you would like me to give your jewellery a good clean and polish I can do this for a minimal cost.

Repair service

If you would like new links made for jewellery, resize rings, a replacement or new chain or a new setting made then please get in touch.

The cost will depend on how much replacement material is needed and time taken to repair the piece.  Please contact me so I can assess the work.

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